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Oct 24, 2016. TIME TRAVEL LAND — NBC's “Timeless” was one of the 2016 Fall shows to which I was most looking forward, and I can honestly say I've been.

Making History is a lot of fun because it takes elements of what was so enjoyable about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and transposes it into a more adult context. It posits the question, what if.

These will make you think twice (Picture: NBC / Starz / Syfy / Netflix) Time travel stories have been thrilling people since the 19th century, when H. G. Wells popularised the concept with his seminal.

Broadcast networks’ latest two entrants in the time travel series space both premiered Sunday night to preliminary numbers that weren’t exactly promising. ABC’s thriller “Time After Time,” coming out.

It’s a weird quirk of the entertainment industry that certain types of shows and films tend to come all bunched together. You get things like Deep Impact and Armageddon somehow coming out in the same.

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Nov 20, 2007. The first time travel tale to ever appear on television was in 1959 on The Twilight Zone, and since then there have been scads of time-tripping.

Mar 11, 2017. Here's something you may have noticed if you, like us, have spent some time in front of a TV in the last few months: There's a whole freaking lot.

Mar 29, 2018. ABC's new time-travel drama has heart, chills, stunning visuals. Given the intimidating number of dramas on both television and the ever-growing. It shows you kind of what my kind can do, which I find very interesting.”.

The supposed proof of time travel has sparked a frenzy among online conspiracy theorists who have branded the video “100 percent real”. The bizarre video was uploaded to YouTube by the paranormal.

The idea of exploring the legacy of Krypton in a television series is a fascinating one. Not least of all because every Superman origin film to date has featured thrilling prologues set in a fantastic.

Seth Rogen's last foray into the world of television gave us the very good but underrated Preacher series, and he's dipping his toe back into the TV world with.

Journeyman has a bit of The Time Traveler’s Wife to it, as a happily married man is forced to deal with the inconvenience of being occasionally jettisoned through time to fix other people’s problems.

Time travel fans are in for a treat this Sunday, March 5 when two premiering shows tackle the temporal topic: ABC’s H.G. Wells-inspired Time After Time, and FOX’s comedy Making History. The.

Apr 22, 2016. Time travel is a popular element of science fiction television and often serves as part of many series' main stories. Here's a list of how to watch.

These shows hit the airwaves mere weeks after Timeless wrapped up its first season—a delightful and straightforward take on time travel where a history professor chases a criminal across time, hoping.

Mar 3, 2017. There are three new time-travel shows on broadcast networks this season: ABC's thriller Time After Time and Fox's comedy Making History,

The latest popular basis for TV shows is time travel. The gimmick of being able to leap across the years has been used over the years with shows such as “It’s About Time,” “The Time Tunnel” and.

Dec 18, 2017. ***Warning: Minor spoilers for the TV shows Dark and Twin Peaks: The Return. Time travel has long been a popular and enriching fictional.

Time travel has been all the rage on TV these days — but is the genre revival (probably soon to be known as a “fad”) actually paying off for broadcasters? The easy answer is “no, not really.” But some.

Feb 25, 2018. At first blush, you'll want to compare this series to its Netflix sibling, The most common approach to time travel seen in film and tv is the idea.

Today at the Comic-Con panel for Krypton — coming to Syfy in 2018 — DC TV head Geoff Johns revealed that, although Krypton is a prequel series, DC heroes Adam Strange. the present that’s traveled.

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Feb 19, 2016. Hulu's latest original series, 11.22.63, follows a teacher (James Franco) who unwittingly travels back in time to 1960 and attempts to stop the.

Jan 2, 2018. Every network attempted to launch its own time travel adventure, it seems. While these shows rarely made it to a second season, they remain.

Mar 28, 2018. TV Review: 'The Crossing' on ABC. To its credit, “The Crossing” wastes no time getting into the core of the premise, With so much information to be deployed, it's smart to introduce time travel quickly and vaguely (“Someone had. The worry, however, is whether or not a series that's built on so many.

May 15, 2017. So it seems as good a time as any (pun absolutely intended) to sift through television's time travel shows and really separate the wheat from the.

With this article I try to answer the following questions: what are the best time travel movies? What are the must watch TV series about time loops? What are the newest and coolest sci-fi movies and.

TIME TRAVEL LAND — NBC’s “Timeless” was one of the 2016 Fall shows to which I was most looking forward, and I can honestly say I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen so far. Watching the team of Lucy,

Mar 1, 2017. There seems to be no limit to the number of time travel-themed series cropping up on the small screen these days – but are they just copying.

It’s a weird quirk of the entertainment industry that certain types of shows and films tend to come all bunched together. You get things like Deep Impact and Armageddon somehow coming out in the same.

The mindbogglingly resilient TV movie franchise about a man-eating meterological. So what can we expect from the Sharknado 6: City Under Siege or whatever it will be christened? Time travel.

Dec 15, 2017. Although science-fiction shows and their thematic cousins, fantasy shows, are arguably the most dominant genre on television today, it's rare to.

Jul 31, 2018. Timeless fans will get closure. NBC has ordered a two-part series finale of the Sony Pictures TV-produced time-travel series to air during the.

With two new time travel TV shows airing this past weekend with “Making History” and “Time After Time,” it’s worth looking at the recent abundance of shows which deal with going back in time. Why is.

14 discussion posts. Paul said: just saw the full first episode on NBC. it has some elements of time travel, but at this point the emphasis is elsewhe.